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Himalayan salt is healthy and safe after maturing over the past 200 million years in an environment of zero exposure to pollutants or chemical impurities. Unlike table salt, which is mostly just sodium chloride (NaCl), Himalayan salt usually contains some amounts of minerals like potassium, iron and zinc.

Not all Himalayan salt mines are suitable for human consumption and among those there are vast differences in quality.

These grading levels are based on 4 criteria:
• NaCl Content
• Undissolved Substances
• Color
• Surface Cleanliness

Himalayan salt is recognized as the purest salt. However, contaminants can enter irregular surfaces and cracks during mining, transportation, and stocking. If the salt is not cleaned properly, contaminants will enter the salt.

The pink color of Himalayan salt is caused by the infusion of iron along with over 80 other minerals within the salt crystal. The richer the iron content, the richer the pinks, oranges and reds appear in the crystal. Geologists claim that the color may also come from the red clay of Cambrian era.

No. The highest-quality Himalayan salt should be nearly transparent. The ‘dark pink color’of salt products on the market results from many impurities. These impurities are insoluble in water and not beneficial to our health at all.

No. Pure Himalayan salt should not have any smell. The smell of the products on the market is surely abnormal, and comes from contaminated odors during mining and storage. Anthéla’s Himalayan salt and products DO NOT have any smell.

Our samples are free of cost but shipping would be charged from the customer.

You can send us an email asking for price list of required products by providing your company details (name, website and contact number) and one of our marketing representatives will get back to you with the price list.

Yes, you can authorize us to send you samples by providing a formal request on your company’s letter head with your courier account details and we can use that to arrange sample pick up from our facility.


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